Father’s Day Gift Guides: Must-Have Grilling Gear for Dear Old Dad


Grilling is not only synonymous with summer, but also with the number one man in your life, Dad. Regardless of whether he prefers charcoal to propane or vice versa, he’s sure to need updates or upgrades to his summer selects for outdoor cooking. Skip the tacky ties and pick up a few of these open flame favorites for a Father’s Day gift he’s sure to love and use!

  1. DC Comics Superman Apron, available at Fab.com for $19.00
  2. Mr. Bar-B-Q 4-Piece Grill Tool Set, available at Target.com for $33.99
  3. Progressive International Meat Thermometer, available at Casa.com for $14.29
  4. Char-Broil Grill Brush, available at Lowes.com for $9.99
  5. Whitmor 16-ounce Aluminum Spray Bottle, available at Sears.com for $18.60
  6. Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers (Set of 4), available at Williams-Sonoma.com for $11.96
  7. Pit Mitt Grilling Glove, available at CrateandBarrel.com for $12.76
  8. TCG Cast iron Rectangular Grill Press, available at HomeDepot.com for $15.99