Fearless Founders: Meet Victoria Eisner of GLAMSQUAD


Ideas, inspiration, and productivity can occur anywhere. Strong leaders and founders learn how to harness the power of those locations – their happy places – to turn them into a place of productivity. From the coffee shop on their corner to a certain nook of their home, Fearless Founders use their specific locale to grow their idea into a business and passion project. Find out how these founders and innovators transformed their lives thanks to their happy place and a brilliant idea. 

On-demand makeup and hairstyling? Is this too good to be true? This magic service was cofounded by Victoria Eisner, who saw a need for a beauty house-call app for noncelebrities. It's as simple as setting up an appointment from your phone using the GLAMSQUAD app. Soon, a hair and makeup team shows up at your home with all their goodies, from a hair dryer to fake lashes, in tow. It’s also affordable, at only about $10 more than a blowout typically costs. The difference, of course, is that they come to you: at home, work, the gym, or any other location you choose. Eisner is in her early twenties and vibrates with energy. She has always loved getting done up and says she has tried almost all of the app's stylists. She’s based in L.A., is happiest at the beach, and loves working out at boutique studios. Here’s what else I learned from Eisner, the founder of GLAMSQUAD.


GLAMSQUAD delivers professional and affordable in-home beauty services via an easy-to-use app. Revolutionizing beauty routines, GLAMSQUAD’s hand-picked and professionally trained hairstylists and makeup artists guarantee a consistent, high-quality service while helping women look and feel their best at the touch of a button.

How did you come up with the idea?

It was New Year's, and I was dreading doing my hair—it takes so much time, and I can never get it to look the way I want. Since I use apps for everything else, from food to car services, I thought there must be a beauty service that would send a blowout stylist to my home. I Googled and was shocked to discover that nothing of this nature existed. I knew then that there was a hole in the marketplace for women to have access to high-quality, on-demand beauty professionals who've been vetted and trained by pros—and at an affordable price point! This is the way celebrities get ready, so why shouldn't that type of service be available to everyone?

What is your master plan?

We want to make getting ready a whole lot easier. The ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle portal where fantasy meets reality for everyone everywhere.

What are three tips for glamming it up?

I have a lot of tips! First, GLAMSQUAD, of course. It's total no-brainer. No need to DIY or motivate—get someone else to do it for you. I promise you'll be hooked. Second, shampoo your hair twice in the shower. They mean it when they say, “Lather, rinse, repeat.” It really helps your blowout last longer. Third, work out regularly. It produces endorphins, which make you happy, and the easiest way to look beautiful is to smile. It also gives you a glowing look that you can't really fake.

How did you meet your cofounder?

My business partner Jason is my BBFF (best business friend forever). I met him through a mutual friend. We immediately clicked and have been sharing business ideas and strategies with each other ever since.

How do you brainstorm?

I am into New Agey stuff and just moved back to California, so I enjoy transcendental meditation and pausing the mind. I know it is kind of cliché, but it's when I tend to come up with the best ideas.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is found by taking a jog on the beach to the swings, perusing a good grocery store, retail therapy, exercising, and, of course, any time I can do a beauty treatment. I am a lover of luxurious experiences and beauty. I also love a good vacation locale.

Walk me through your typical morning.

I wake up early and work out (either Soul Cycle, Exhale: Core Fusion, or yoga), then shower, GLAMSQUAD, make a kale smoothie, and go to work. I like a barre class because it doesn’t ruin my blowout. I can keep it for a day or two if I just do a body shower. My one nerdy life hack is I sleep in my workout clothes so I don’t ever have to get dressed in the morning. I just wake up and go!

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Yes! I have a few. Taylor Kitsch, Taylor Kinney,Zach Efron,Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Jason Segel (he is funny!).

What was the last math problem you solved?

Probably today, figuring out how much to pay a stylist.

What is your personal motto?

“Getting ready is my full-time job.” I used to say this even before GLAMSQUAD, but now it really is true!

What is a recent challenge you have had to face while running your company?

Well, moving out L.A. without a stylist in place yet was a huge challenge because I didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, we have quickly built up a team of great professionals whom I now count on to get me (and thousands of other women) ready each morning. Ah, back to the fantasy!

Whom do you admire?

I admire a lot of people. Martha Stewart, Alice Waters, Oprah, Sophia Amoruso, Kimberly Snyder, and my mom.

Where do you work from to get the best ideas and inspiration?

The best place for me to get inspiration and ideas is my real life. GLAMSQUAD came from a real-life problem I had and wanted a solution to. The experiences I encounter and the people I meet create fireworks in my imagination. I get the best ideas for GLAMSQUAD (and for everything else) from the desire to make my own life easier and my true passion for providing delightful, transformative experiences to other people. Every day that I can make someone happy, I know I have done my job and served the greater good. That is what our brand is all about.

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