February Updates for a Fabulous Home


Adding a bit of February-centric decor to your home is an easy way to make the new month an exciting event. In honor of Valentine’s Day, add details that create a romantic, festive feeling in each room. Since the living room is usually the space in your home most guests visit, focus on giving the area relevant adornment.

Update the end table with a fragrant flourish fit for February, like Glade® Wax Melts in the red colored Apple Cinnamon. The room-filling scent is perfect for the season while the Wax Melts warmer adds a decorative detail to the aesthetic of the room.

Across from the romantic Wax Melts, place a small red bowl filled with Valentine’s Day–themed sweets, like chocolate hearts or sweetheart candies. It’s an easy detail that makes February extra fun.

You don’t need to go on holiday overload with your decor—just add a pretty heart pillow to your couch for a warm, festive feeling.

Nothing says February like red or white roses. Cut the stems halfway and place the shortened bouquet in a square glass vase on the coffee table.