Fendi’s Baguette Is Back and More Tech-y Than Ever


Carrie Bradshaw may have been mugged for her purple sequined Fendi Baguette, but that didn’t stop fashion fanatics from whisking the iconic purse off the shelves. Since then, Fendi has fed into the obsession surrounding the Baguette, by releasing a book in 2012 as well as a canvas version of the bag that customers could DIY for a cool $5,500. Right, paint-by-numbers on a Fendi bag that costs many months’ rent. And then I started to wonder, would Bradshaw have bought that? Probably, but that doesn’t mean we would’ve.

But I digress. Because now that Fendi has had seven years to think on it, they've designed a much more budget-friendly (read: free and just for fun) way to create your dream bag. The MyBaguette app for iPad and Android allows fans to create a digital version of the Baguette. The app offers brushes, colors and filters with opacity and saturation options for your precious cyber-Fendi and there’s no risk of having wasted $5,500 if you actually mess up. You start off with a blank white Baguette, design to your heart’s content (or, at least, until you have to get off the train), and send it off to Fendi, who will display select bags in a “community” area within the app. Silvia Venturini Fendi will even select a “Baguette of the month.” Now, all we’re imagining is what Bradshaw’s creation would look like and that squeal of excitement she’d release upon learning that hers was chosen as the winner.