Fighting the Common Cold: My Homemade Tips and Remedies

Nobody likes being sick. But along with winter comes the dreaded common cold. It's a fact of life you can bet on every year.

I’m just getting over a case of the sniffles; and thankfully, the sneezing, coughing, and overall ickiness didn’t last long. I managed to nurse myself back to health with a few simple feel-good remedies. Notice a cold comin' on? Try my tips and tricks and you’ll (hopefully!) feel better soon.

Drink Lots of Liquids
Doctors know best. And one of the first pieces of advice they’ll give you when you’re sick – drink, drink, drink. The more H20, the better. Flush your system with water and juice. Green tea is another warming great way to sooth your throat and boost your immune system.

Just Relax
Even if you feel too stuffy to sleep, prop yourself up with some pillows, snuggle up with your coziest blanket, and enjoy a little quality down time. Catch up on TV or pop in a DVD, and you might just find yourself snoozing after all.

Treat Yourself
When I’m not feeling well, I like to treat myself to something cold, refreshing, and delicious – like popsicles, ices, or ice cream. It feels good on the throat and inside the tummy!

Steam and a Humidifier
If I’m feeling stuffed up, I run the hot shower water and close the door. Taking a few deep breaths of the hot, humid air helps to clear my sinuses. And I always use a humidifier when I’m sleeping – even if I’m not sick.

Let Someone Take Care of You
Don’t be ashamed to accept help. Say yes to that homemade chicken noodle soup your neighbor offered to make and let your husband give you a foot massage. Never turn down a little TLC and pampering. You deserve to be spoiled — especially when you're sick.

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