Finally! Fashion Fair Releases the Sam Fine Supreme Color Collection


FASHION FAIR COSMETICS has been that beloved staple in the makeup collection of African American women for 40 years now. That familiar pink marbled compact that you might remember from your mom’s dressing table has changed. Now the venerable cosmetics brand sells makeup in more modern, lightweight blends that match a variety of skin tones. And finally, the news makeup fans have been waiting for – Fashion Fair is celebrating its 40th anniversary by introducing the Sam Fine Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection.

Sam Fine came on as Fashion Fair’s Creative Makeup Director in 2011 and finally his collection is officially at counters nationwide. Inspired by the internationally famous makeup artist’s widespread travels, Sam Fine’s collection includes two eye shadow quads, eight lipsticks and a golden lip gloss. The lip colors range from the classic and subdued (Champagne Toast and Whispering Rose) to the fierce and fashion forward (Pink Parfair and Cognac African Violet). Visit your nearest Fashion Fair counter at Macy’s to behold the glory in person.

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