Find the Best Scent for Your Valentine


Women are usually the ones that most appreciate the cute cards, cuddly teddy bears and scrumptious chocolates that take over stores around Valentine's Day — but surely, we have to find something that we can be excited to give to our favorite men on this day of love. Cologne might be somewhat of a clichéd go-to at this point, but beauty aficionado and VP Business Development of FragranceNet.comPatti Kapla insists that it can be a great gift, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Read on for some of her best tips that’ll help you sniff the finest scent for the man on your last-minute list.

Know your customer.
Just like every guy has a distinct personality, so do most of the colognes you’ll see on the shelf. Find something that matches his – for example, if he’s artistic, he’ll appreciate a unique niche scent that will set him apart. If he loves to laugh, look for quirky names, bottles or packaging that tap into that sense of humor. “When choosing a new cologne for a special man in your life, it’s important to consider his lifestyle,” Patti points out. “A young athletic guy might prefer something citrusy, fresh, and sporty over something heavy, spicy, and conservative. A businessman would likely enjoy something bold, confident, and commanding, while a doctor or undertaker would like something low-key, hushed, and unassuming.”

Classics are a good way to go.
If you’re truly at a loss and know that he trusts the choices you make when it comes to beauty and fashion (as he should) you can’t go wrong with a classic scent. Patti’s favorites are: Acqua di Gio, Cool Water, Jean Paul Gaultier, Eternity, Armani Code, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Sebastian, Curve, L’Eau D’Issey, Drakkar Noir.

Be sure the scent is practical for him.
Consider the places he’ll want to wear this cologne, and make sure it’ll be appropriate for the things he does regularly. Patti says, “You can refine your choices by choosing a scent that will work best in any specific situation. A hard-hitting woody/musky stinkbomb may not go down well at work or on a date, but something well-mannered, refined, and sophisticated might.” If the scent you’re buying has a specific purpose, that’s great – but make sure he knows that there’s a time and a place for this baby.

Consider his age.
It’s crucial to take into consideration the age of the man you are choosing a cologne for, as most mature men do not want to smell like a rock star. Similarly, your teenage son will not appreciate the strong cologne his grandfather once wore and will make anyone’s eyes water. For someone in his 20’s, go for something that smells fresh and clean to match their adventurousness and youth. Davidoff’s Cool Water or Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio are good options for this age range. Thirty-something’s are a bit more seductive, so woody or spicy scents like Prada Infusion de Vetiver or Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Gentleman tend to work for them. Men in their forties are well established and willing to experiment with more complex scents like those from Bond No. 9 and Creed.

There are no “bad” scents…
…except the ones that get applied too liberally. No one needs to know he’s coming from a mile away, so be sure to warn him that less is still more.