Find Your Perfect Foundation Match with


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could take the foundation shade you're wearing now and find it's exact match in other brands? must have been reading our mental beauty wish list, because they've invented a free service that does just that. We found this awesome site while scrolling through our Tumblr dashboard this week and had to share it. has created the world's largest usable database of matching foundation shades in a clean, simple, and easy to use website. All you need to do is enter one or two foundation shades you currently use (and are happy with!) and Foundation will show you your perfect match in tons of other products. No more guessing and no more messy test applications at the makeup counter. I entered my two shades (CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Fluid Makeup SPF10 – 22 Beige Rose for winter, and CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Fluid Makeup SPF10 – 30 Beige for spring/summer when I get a bit more color) and they pulled up matches from brands including Guerlian, Hourglass, Dior, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, and tons more.