Finding Your “Me” Moment

From morning till well into the evening, often your schedule is packed so tightly, it's difficult to find time to do something for yourself. Take a break and treat yourself to a little TLC when you need it most.

Take a Hot Shower
Whether you shower in the morning or evening, let your muscles relax and your mind clear as you scrub away dirt and grime. They say the best ideas are formed in the bathroom—so let your shower become your fountain of free thought!

Snap Up a Frappuccino
Maybe a bad night's sleep is to blame or a deadline at work is on your mind, but sometimes you've just got to get away from it all. Step into a Starbucks and give yourself a “Me” Moment. Customize your favourite Frappuccino until it matches your moment with your favourite flavours, syrups, and toppings for a sweet treat.

Get Pampered
We work to take care of our loved ones, but we can end up rundown and worn out. Get a massage, mani-pedi, facial, or a cut and color to feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world again. It will brighten not only your look but also your attitude.

Have a Solo Dance Party
Take the expression “dance like no one's watching” to the next level. Make a playlist of all your guilty-pleasure and high-energy music and jam out shamelessly. Lip-sync, boogie, and get as crazy as you want to—and let your worries fly out the window.

Start a New Hobby
Learning something new can be the ultimate stress reliever. Take an art class or try crafting or gardening. You'll be able to watch yourself progress and see how much you've accomplished with a finished project (which could also make a great gift).