First Lady Michelle Obama Talks ‘Scandal’ Finale and Social Media


We knew she was a FLOTUS after our own hearts.

First Lady Michelle Obama was among the 10.6 million Gladiators who tuned in to the season three finale of Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal last Thursday. An avid follower of the show, who admitted to binge watching the series en route to Hawaii, Obama had an uncharacteristically hard time conveying her stance on the series’ darkest season yet.

“I don’t know what to say,” she told Entertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz during the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. “How do you react to that? It’s just nuts!”

With the murder of Fitz’s son, Olivia’s departure from OPA with Jake in tow, Huck’s long-awaited reunion with his wife, the capture of Mama Pope, and reveal of Papa Pope’s duplicitous aims, season three’s climax colored us stunned! (Why do we allow Shonda and company to continually jeopardize our sense of sanity?).

“It was pretty intense,” Obama added.

Something the always-chic FLOTUS didhave a clear stance on? The First Family’s use of social media.

“It’s the way we communicate, particularly with young people” she said of her and President Barack Obama’s respective Twitter and Instagram accounts, totaling more than 51.68 million followers. As for finding Malia and Sasha Obama on their timelines, think again.

“No,” the First Lady shared about keeping her two daughters away from social networks. “They don’t need to be exposed to all that is out there. We’re trying to keep them as normal as possible in a sort of disconnected, disaffected [way].”

And, as far away from a real-life scandal as possible, obvi.