First Look: Olivia Palermo For Aquazzura (Plus a Video!)


Aquazzura announced a collaboration with Olivia Palermo back in July, making us ridiculously excited to shop for fall shoes. This month, the Italian shoe label is teasing the line with a behind the scenes video featuring Palermo and Aquazzura designer Edgardo Osorio, who happen to be friends.

“I think it is no secret that I love a good shoe,” Palermo said (Editor’s Note: duh). “I very much enjoyed creating a ‘survival pack’ for every occasion and women of all ages. I hope they have as much fun wearing them as we had creating them.” While we’re certain that Palermo’s dainty hands (watch the video) had no part in the actual construction of the shoes, we can appreciate the fact that her unparalleled taste was injected into their creation at some point, because they look simply lovely.