Five Minutes of Funny: What to Expect from The Simpsons x Family Guy


Welcome to Springfield!

Fox’s animated mainstays, The Simpsons and Family Guy, are joining forces this fall, and Comic-Con fans were the first to get a look at the mashup. During Saturday’s Family Guy panel, executive producer Steve Callaghan shared five minutes from the upcoming hour-long special. The clip, which opens with the Griffins stumbling upon Springfield, includes donut sharing between dads Homer and Peter, pranks calls with Bart and baby Stewie, and a street fight of intergalactic proportions.


Back in May, Fox Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly shared that Bart and Stewie bond over skateboarding, while reports added that Lisa will help Meg tap into her best self, and moms Marge and Lois become real housewives on the run.

Aside from their run-in with comedy’s other cartoon family, the Griffins will get another visit from Jesus around Christmas, and Liam Neeson will “poke fun at himself” on the show later this season. As for the Simpsons, they’re in for a tragic loss. In its season premiere, the series will say goodbye—for good—to one of its Emmy-winning characters. The title “A Clown in the Dumps” hints at the end of Krusty the Clown, but this 35-second tease spotlights Homer’s new affliction.

The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover, and the former’s season premiere, will debut on Fox on September 28.