Five Reasons to Watch Braxton Family Values

You Can Relate to Them
There are five fabulous sisters; so it’s easy to see which one you’re more like whether it's by birth order or personality. Are you nice, stubborn, wild, creative, or dramatic? No matter what, there will always be a side to take.

There’s Always Sibling Rivalry
Family is not family without petty quarrels and arguments — which is why sisterly drama is made for reality TV. With five sisters and one spotlight, each is looking to make sure they shine the brightest.

They’re Independent
Though the sisters share a dream, each has forged their own path in life. While Toni is the most recognizable, Trina is a successful actress and singer; Traci has done social work with children with disabilities; Towanada has been on Broadway, and Tamar has written songs with Toni, but wants a record deal of her own.

They Deal With Real Life Issues
Everything isn’t shown on the surface, and the sisters reveal parts of themselves that are sometimes difficult to handle. While Trina has been arrested for a DUI and faced an intervention with her family about her drinking, Toni has also revealed that she has lupus.

Family Comes First
No one has your back as much as your family does, especially when they are this tightly-knit. As much as these sisters argue, their love for one another is unbreakable. Throughout their individual struggles, they can easily turn to their sisters and mother for help and advice.

Catch Braxton Family Values on Tuesdays at 9pm on WeTV.