Five Signs Lorde is Becoming a ‘Beauty’ Girl


Seventeen-year-old Grammy winner Lorde is, admittedly, not a beauty girl, despite what her MAC collaboration would have you think.

“I’m the worst with anything beauty-related because I don’t really wear makeup outside of work,” she told Harry Brant in the October 2014 issue of Interview Magazine. “I just started moisturizing this year, in the past six months. Now I love it.”

Beauty buffs may cringe at her anti-moisture admission, but Ella Yelich-O’Connor—government name—is making it a point to give herself some extra face time. In between musings on teen angst, rebellion, and raging against her high school’s uniform enforcement, Lorde opened up to the glossy about how she’s stepping up her beauty arsenal.

On her anxiety with working with MAC and soundtracking The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1:

“I was a little worried about doing a makeup thing because I’ve never really done anything before, but they were just like, ‘Do anything you want. Do your thing. It’s cool.’ It’s a good vibe. I'm doing this thing with a movie franchise where I’m curating the soundtrack and writing a bunch of the music on it and stuff, and I’m like, ‘Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Letting me run your music department for this film?’ It’s crazy. It’s so awesome.”

On upping her dark lip game:

“The dark lips I’ve been doing since I was probably 13 or 14. I was drawn to it and it suited my face. I would buy these smudgy, really awful dollar-store lipsticks, and then I graduated to MAC and Chanel, stuff that was super expensive that I would really covet. I started pairing that with this heavy cat eye. I’ve phased that out a little bit and have made it more about really shimmery skin. Once you do the eye and lip, it gets intense.”

On acknowledging teen skin problems:

“I started eating super healthy and drinking a lot of water and using really good moisturizer. My skin has gotten way better so I’m lucky. People are surprisingly sympathetic. People have been there and it sucks. It’s hard enough being 16, 17 and having to do things in the world and conduct yourself.”

On filling her beauty bag:

“I’m trying to think of my beauty essentials right now. I was reading this model’s off-duty makeup thing online and it was all the same stuff that I use: Bioderma, Embryolisse, the blue-and-white moisturizer. I get all those products from the drugstores in Paris—it’s so cool, the cheap products there. In New Zealand it’s like, ‘Oh, we don’t have this, but we do have ChapStick.'”