Flavor Over Fizz: The Fashionable Way

We at GlamChic take our drink choices very seriously. During swimsuit season we tend to abandon soda in favor of un-carbonated, sugar free beverages. This past weekend we took our Crystal Light to the Hamptons for a haute getaway. When we arrived at the house it was pouring rain so we decided to mix up a batch of Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea to enjoy a taste of summer on a dreary afternoon. We dressed up our drink with a dazzling Lia Sophia bracelet and two retro straws just in case anyone else wanted to try it. And once our friends took a sip we were immediately appointed the house mixologist. Ten women chose flavor over fizz and consumed 12 pitchers of fruit punch, iced tea and lemonade throughout our three day getaway. Next time your headed out of town for a girl's weekend, bring Crystal Light along for the trip; your friends will thank you!

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