Flipboard: A New Way to Shop on Your Second Screen


If you have yet to download (and promptly become obsessed with) Flipboard, then here's a reason you might want to reconsider.

Following in the footsteps of Pinterest, Flipboard just announced its newest feature – the ability to shop within the app. While currently it serves as a way to curate all of your favorite news sources into one easy, convenient place, moving forward the app will help make the aspirational attainable when it comes to your shopping cart.

To kick off the tablet's shopping extravaganza, Banana Republic, eBay, ModCloth, Fab, Levi’s and Birchbox have already made their offerings available for purchase through Flipboard. However, this is far from a simple e-commerce situation. In the same way users currently Pin items using a bookmarklet on Pinterest, they can now Flip items into their own customizable magazine. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Flipboard provided the tuned in with one more way to make their lives easier when it comes to gift giving and wish-list creating.