“For A Good Time, Call…” Fit for Frills and Frenemies

Meet Lauren and Katie, two young New Yorkers with two totally different couth quotas. The bashful brunette and bubbly blonde share only three things when “For A Good Time, Call…” starts: a lovable gay best friend, a college night ruined by an unpleasant body fluid, and the death-defying task of affording to live in New York City. What's set up like an instruction manual on how to handle the pesky roommate you don't want but really, really need, evolves into a romantic comedy-type of tale with the modern-day frenemy spin.

After being dumped by her successful and equally snooze-worthy boyfriend, played by James Wolk, Lauren Powell (Lauren Miller) is left without her luxury NY digs and soon thereafter, a job. Several zip codes away in Gramercy Park, Katie (Ari Graynor) is mourning the death of her dear grandmother and the rent-controlled price tag her two-bedroom apartment once boasted. And like any other sensible, able-bodied adults surviving in the city, they grudgingly agree to room together. Cue toilet paper spats, accent wall color wars, and the birth of 1-900-MMM-HMMM.

Once settled in, Lauren discovers that the raunchy Katie has an equally raunchy occupation: phone sex operator. With her own career in limbo, Lauren propositions Katie for a stake in the phone-sex pie by pushing an independent call girl company: Katie does the talking and Lauren handles the cash flow. Twelve-thousand dollars and one month later, the duo decides that this temporary fix could become a long-term venture. Lauren loosens up and takes on an additional role as call girl #2, and Katie explores the idea of taking a relationship with one of her clients out into the real world. The transition from frenemies to friends is an expected one as Lauren sheds her introverted shell and Katie admits to not being as secure as she seems. But just when the pair reincarnate a “Sex And The City” bond that can only be summoned NYC-style, “For A Good Time, Call…” reaches its peak (no pun intended). The return of Lauren's ex and the job offer of a lifetime leave their budding business — and her friendship — with Katie on the line. Katie, feeling abandoned, responds the only way she knows how; by forming her own act of betrayal and revealing to Lauren's conservative parents that their daughter is not as wholesome as she seems.

Graynor's brash portrayal of Katie and Miller's spot-on characterization of the quintessential goody-two-shoes makes “For A Good Time, Call…” a cute flick for a good time with the girls. We have to say that our favorite scenes were thanks to Justin Long's totally believable character Jesse. (Every girl needs a Jesse in her life… trust us). Add on a cameo from Miller's hubby Seth Rogen, and you're sure to get laughs and plenty of blushing thanks to all of naughty jokes and gags but lots of funny, too.

“For A Good Time, Call…” hits select theaters tomorrow.