For a Quick But Glamorous DIY Hairstyle, Try Indique Hair Glam Survival Kit

When time is of the essence, dropping in on your hairstylist isn't always an option. Neither is spending precious time tangling with your tresses. That's why we're obsessed with clip-in extensions and temporary hair pieces; a gorgeous hairstyle has never been so effortless. Any girl-on-the-go will certainly appreciate this—introducing the Indique Hair Glam Survival Kit, a premium quality pre-packaged savior for your strands.

These days, luxe looking locks no longer takes more than 5 minutes to style. With this set of extensions, simply choose the texture that closely matches your own and decide what style you want—clip full fringe in the front; pull it all back into a taut ponytail; or add length and wear it long and loose.

The newest addition to the STUDIO collection, the Glam Survival Kit is made with virgin Indian hair and is currently available for pre-order. Indique Pure Wavy GSK retails for $418, and includes a 12″ Bang, a 16″ clip-in, and a 16″ Ponytail. Indique Bounce Relaxed StraightGSK retails for $458, and includes a 10″ Bang, a 16” Fishnet, and a 18″ Ponytail. Both kits come complete with a limited-edition bottle of Ginger + Liz nail polishin Indique Pink. Visit for more details.