For Pizza’s Sake: Traveling the Globe to Find the Best Slice

Some people travel the world in searching for the meaning of life, some seek to find a deep spiritual connection and others, well, they just want to find great pizza. David Boesch and his family spent one year traveling the world on a quest that took them to all over the globe – the search for the world's greatest pizza.

October is National Pizza month, and in honor of what some would say is the greatest food of all time, author and world-traveler David Boesch – who tasted pizza in over 17 countries and 6 continents – presents his list of top 10 best pizza places in the world (and which pizza to order when you go there).

#10 – Pizzedelic Cartier (Quebec City, Canada) – The LeGarnier Pizza with cappicola, mushrooms and green peppers.

#9 – Hell Pizza (Christchurch, New Zealand) – Mushroom Pizza

#8 – Pizzaria Del Mundo (Bariloche, Argentina) – Ham and cheese pizza – delicious cured ham and tart sauce makes this a winner.

#7 – Waterfront Pizza (Port Townsend, Washington) – Coppa and sun-dried tomatoes with a unique sourdough crust, tangy sauce and large helping of ingredients.

# 6 – Pizzeria: Pan Pan (Dormelletto, Italy) – Salami and extra cheese, extra sauce. Wood-fired, thin-crust pizza.

#5 – Basbeaux’s Pizza (Broadripple, Indiana) – Quatto formaggio with bacon and mushrooms . Eclectic and delicious.

#4 – Imo’s Pizza (St. Louis, Missouri) – Pepperoni and bacon. Thin, crisp crust with thick slices of bacon cooked right on top.

#3 – Turoni’s Pizza (Evansville, Indiana) – Best thin crust ever.

#2 – Squan Tavern (Manasquan, New Jersey) – Meatball and mushroom pizza. Tastiest meatballs on earth sliced and backed onto the pie.

#1 – Gino’s Pizza (Chicago, IL) – Pepperoni and mushroom – Cornbread-type crust that is unique and incredible.

David has just written a memoir, Pins On A Map: A Family’s Yearlong Journey Around the Globe, which chronicles the families travels from their adventures in Tanzania to accidents in Australia throughout their quest for the best pizza in the world.

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