Ford Finds a New Way to Escape the Sun’s Harmful Rays



The way you protect your skin from the sun is changing, thanks to Ford.

Ford recently gathered some of the leaders in thought, technology, and global sustainability to discuss the many ways that together, we can move Forward with Ford. Glam was privy to be among those invited and immediately gravitated to the news that Ford would be adding a few girl friendly touches to its latest edition of the Escape SUV.

Are you ready for this? In addition to AdvanceTrac, which allows drivers to maintain control in any condition —ice, gravel, or rain— it also has a hands-free lift gate (laden with shopping bags, perhaps?) and advance technology that does the thinking for you, like parallel parking. The Escape also boasts an SPF 50 in the moon roof! While we'd love to see this sort of beauty innovation make it to the car's windows and windshield in later models, sun protection that can go toe-to-toe with most sunscreens on the market is a great (and much needed) start.

… Now, that’slooking good behind the wheel!