Found! The Tools Needed for Flawless Foundation Application!

Truth? I've never really had to wear foundation. I'll get a random pimple here or there every now and then, but for the most part, my complexion tends to err on the side of spotless.

Until recently.

Lately I've been battling a few small blemishes with the help of my dermatologist, and every now and then I'll want a truly flawless fresh-faced look that requires I rely on liquid foundation. Only I'm not adept at perfectly applying it on myself. (See paragraph number one.)

Of course I've seen it done before—backstage during fashion week, at press events on models, at makeup counters on myself—but using all of that advice I spew to you on myself proved to be quite the challenge. That's when I turned to the beauty bloggerati.

Last week I caught up with Amber Katz, a.k.a. @Glambr of Beauty Blogging Junkie at the Nars party for Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, where I shamefully shared my issue. She said, “It's easy! Just put a little water on a sponge before you dip it into a little liquid foundation. Then roll and dab it on your skin for a flawless, second-skin look.”

So I tried it the moment I got home, and by golly she was right. Below the tools I used—if you're still searching for your go-to flawless face—I highly suggest you try the same.

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