Four Fabulous Accessories for the Ultimate Traveler

I've been traveling so much lately that I've admittedly become a bit of a jet-setting snob. I refuse to accept those scratchy airline-provided blankets and wannabe blow-up pillows. I've become accustomed to cozier, more luxurious must-haves. And these four fabulous items are absolute essentials in my book. Whether waiting in line at security or napping on a five-hour flight, these goodies make traveling glamorous, relaxing and easy.

Sleep well on those awful red-eyes with this super-soft blanket and pillow… Cashmere Travel Set, $360

Never go barefoot again through the icky security line… Tory Burch Travel Socks, $48

Switch bags easily with this super nifty sorting sack… VIP Bag, $60

Keep your precious liquids safe with these cute zip-up baggies… In-flight Bags, $20