Fragrance Friday: 5 New Scents to Try

1. Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y, available at Stella McCartney for $60-$100
2. Coach Poppy Blossom, available at Coach for $65
3. Marc Jacobs Dot, available at Marc Jacobs for $69-$89
4. Première by Gucci, available at Gucci for $67-$105
5. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, available at Barneys New York for $135

For cologne connoisseurs, one spritz is never enough. We’re prone swapping scents to complement a look and create an aura for every occasion. This week we’re making the transition from the light and sweet scents reminiscent of summer to spicier and headier notes perfect for fall. Perfumes with heavy base notes are perfect for chillier temperatures where lighter notes can easily get lost. Regardless of fragrance family preferences, we’ve appointed a few essential aromas you’ll want a second or third sniff of.