Fragrance Friday: His and Hers Zombie Scents for the Walking Dead Season Finale


It all comes down to The Group vs. The Governor. The season finale of The Walking Dead is sure to be a battle for the ages, and we’ll be glued to our seat Sunday night to see who makes it out alive.

Coincidentally, Demeter recently released two perfumes that may help you blend in with the walkers when the zombie apocalypse finally happens. Zombie for Him and Zombie for Her have arobust scent (don’t worry, no dead bodies here), tapping notes of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss, and earth for the men. The women’s version is a lighter version of it's counterpart with an added touch of dregs from the bottom of a wine barrel for a more feminine fragrance.

If the apocalypse occurs like the AMC hit, we’re all doomed anyway, and as the brand says of the scent, “No one can avoid being a zombie, but no Zombie has to smell dead and decayed.”

Available now through April 30th exclusively at for $20-$40.