Fragrance Friday: Kilian Hennessy Plays with the Devil


After six years and twenty two fragrances in four different collections, one would think a creator could hit a wall of inspiration. Not Kilian Hennessy. For his latest olfactory brilliance, Hennessy introduced Playing with the Devil to his customers, as part of the In the Garden of Good and Evil collection and it's designed to perfection from the scent to the bottle to the minaudière it comes in.

Beginning with the idea of forbidden fruits, Hennessy focused on fruity notes for the opening: blood orange, blackcurrant buds, white peach, and lychee before added devilish notes to tone down the floral aspects to achieve the ideal scent: cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood. He needed to balance the fruity aspect of the scent without falling down the path of a more consumer scent. The fragrance finishes with cistus and ambrarome on the dry down and matched with tonka bean, benzoin, and vanilla to bring out animalistic sensuality.

While fragrances are Hennessy's main focus, he found himself inspired to dive into the world of minaudières thanks to his fiancee's innovation one evening in Paris. On the hunt for the perfect evening bag, she chose to use a perfume box, and a new dimension to Kilian was born. To pair this fragrance with the idea of an ideal clutch, he designed a white minaudière accented with a gold snake showcasing clear crystal eyes.

In the coming year, Hennessy plans to expand across the world. Though his first store is located in Moscow, he's opening another in NYC at 804 Washington Street in November, with three to six future destinations including Dubai, Kuwait, and Doha.

Kilian Hennessy's Playing with the Devil is available at Saks now for $245 fora refillable 1.7 fl.oz spray.