Fragrance Friday: Lush’s Garden of New Gorilla Perfumes


As the European fashion weeks draw to a close, it’s hard to resist the urge to whip out our passports and let our inner wanderer run wild. One of the first destinations we’d stop at as we’d backpack through Europe would easily be Britain, which served as the inspiration to Lush’s newest collection of Gorilla perfumes. The nine new fragrances touch on the country’s ancient heritage, music, emotions, and literary figures that provide a series of exciting aromas that last throughout the day but also allow you to layer.

The Sun, which is missed during the grey days in winter, features citrus notes of orange, tangerine, and sandalwood. Euphoria adds a healing element to the mix with clary sage, grapefruit, lime, and neroli. The Voice of Reason, inspired by writers like Gil Scott Heron and Leonard Cohen, combines the aromas of French Gitane cigarettes, espresso, sandalwood, and tonka bean. Furze, a British plant that flowers even during the winter, is meant to sweep away evil with help from coconut and vanilla (and maybe whisk you away to a more tropical locale). The Bug was inspired by the watchful eye of Big Brother influencing music features disjointed notes of galbanum and black pepper. Flower’s Barrow, named after a haunted Iron Age hillfort, captures the spirit of the spot with a mixture of sage, thyme, geranium, and blackcurrant. Devil’s Night Cap is based on folklore of a stone that had Druidic properties and captures the magic with oak moss, clary sage, and ylang ylang. The Sikkim Girls were dangerous temptresses who seduced men while covered head to toe – and all with just a sultry sway of the hips! Frangipani, vanilla, and tuberose capture the sweet and sensual spirit of these legendary ladies. Finishing on a fiery note, Hellstone is known as a 4,000 year old burial ground, and Lush’s founder’s captured the ominous aroma with notes of vetiver, cumin, and beeswax.

Alright, even if we can’t spare the frequent flyer miles, these scents spin stories worth sharing!

All available at for $14.95-$174.95.