Fragrance Friday: Spritz an Eau de Elvira for a Haute Halloween


My fascination with Elvira goes way back, beginning when I first watched Elvira: Mistress of the Darkas a totAs odd as she looked against the rest of the cast, she couldn’t care less about what they thought of her. And thus, I found yet another idol to emulate. (Yes, I dressed as her prior to puberty and am currently in search of that photographic proof).

Now the icon is being revived for three of her own spooktacular signature scent, thanks to Demeter. Elvira’s Zombie has an earthy spice at its core, drawn from Tobacco Leaves and Black Vanilla Bean with a touch of sweetness from Ylang Ylang and Red Poppies to soften. There’s a haunting aura to Elvira’s Vamp, and rightly so! The perfume pulls notes from a few fleur fatales, including Poisonous Belladonna, Dracula Orchid, and Nicotiana, as well as peppery Maile Leaves and Ivy with a veil of Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk, and Mandarin Peel. For the hopeless romantics, Elvira’s Black Roses gives the classic note a twist using Rose Water Tea, Thorny Stem Bulgarian Rose Petals, and Davana Blossom at the heart, topped with Red Currants, tied together with Patchouli, Dark Amber, and Hatian Vetiver.

Regardless of which perfume enchants you enough to pair with your costume, it’s sure to bewitch everyone around you at the slew of Halloween parties on your social calendar.