Frédéric Fekkai Talks Hair Care With Facebook Fans

We’re constantly concerned our skin during the summer months, but when was the last time we really considered the toll that the sun can take on our strands? Last week, avid Frédéric Fekkai fans tuned into the CVS Beauty Club fan page for a live chat with the celebrity hairstylist himself. Here’s some words of wisdom he shared regarding the health of our luscious locks – be them curly, straight, or somewhere in between – that we could all use as summer gets underway.

What can I use to save my hair from damage while training for a triathlon in a chlorinated pool? My hair is über blonde and already dry.

I’m also a swimmer! My must-have product is the shea butter hair mask. I recommend applying it to wet hair before putting on your swim cap.How can I most effectively protect my hair from sun and heat damage, especially in the summer?

The sun can be quite damaging to your hair, often fading your color or drying out hair. You’ll want to use products that include both sunscreen and color protection. Also, summer is a great time of the year to add a hair mask into your routine for added moisture. Try using Fekkai Technical Color Care Complete Kit to protect color and boost moisture.

Should I use a mask on my hair after I have been to the beach?
Yes! You should apply a hair mask after the beach, but go further – why not wear it to the beach? My Shea Butter Hair Mask is perfect as a leave-in treatment.

What are the best ways to deal with frizzy hair with summer humidity? What types of products can be helpful in taming frizz?

Frizz is a huge problem, not just in the summer, but also year-round, depending on where you live. One of the best ways to prevent frizz is to apply an anti-frizz product on towel-dried hair. A product such as Fekkai Glossing Cream would be great to try, and it also works well for touch-ups throughout the day (concentrating on the ends). Remember, a little bit goes a long way!What are some summery/beachy hairstyles (up-do’s, buns, loose styles, etc.) that women with any type of hair can try?
Summertime and hot weather equal simple hair. Find a product that works best for your hairstyle and texture, and simplify your routine. For shorter hair, you could try beach-sexy waves or a slicked back look. For long hair, try a braid or a messy “un-done” bun.