From American Idol to Almay: Carrie Underwood Becomes a Beauty Ambassador


She’s the country crooner that pushed past her American Idol start to become one of country’s biggest stars, and now Carrie Underwood is Almay’s freshest face.

Joining Kate Hudson as part of the beauty authority, Underwood shared her excitement about the new campaign while snuggled in a cozy sweater and beautifully bronzed features. “I believe that every woman is amazing and unique in her own way. So to me, the role of a makeup brand should be to inspire and help women enhance themselves and have fun with makeup, not transform them into something they’re not.”

As it turns out, she’s a big makeup maven like us, and sometimes indulges her inner shopaholic at her local beauty aisle — we think she might even be VIB certified. “I will go into a makeup store and walk out and not even know what happened, carrying this giant bag of stuff,” she said.

We had an inkling Underwood was in the running for the new role at Almay after the star first dipped her toe into the industry by crafting a collection of Nashville-approved nail lacquers with Nicole by OPI. So we send out congrats to Carrie on her new role!