From Designer to Film Critic: Georgina Chapman Judges Canon’s Project Imaginat10n

What inspires you? A person? A novel? A song? For Canon and director Ron Howard's Project Imagina10n, it comes in the form of photography. Following in the footsteps of its Project Imagin8tion predecessor, this creative contest is letting pictures be the backdrop for some amazing storytelling. Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa, signed up for the challenge, which calls on celebrities to direct a short film inspired by user-generated photos. Chapman, along with Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, Biz Stone, and James Murphy worked under Howard to choose 10 images that represent the pillars of storytelling and, in turn, will produce one amazing short film. Chapman is the most recent of the bunch to announce the 10 stills that will influence her directorial debut, which you can take a look at below:

  1. Backstory: “Predator” by Misty Fugate
  2. Time: “Too Many Shows to Show” by Brent Williams
  3. Character: “Her Throne Was Magic” by Brittany Johnson
  4. Relationship: by Patricia Whited
  5. Mood: “Creep” by Jennifer Wall
  6. Setting: “The Long Walk” by Mike Marin
  7. Goal: “Determined” by Sal Rodriguez
  8. Obstacle: “The Sharing Game” by Brooke Shaden
  9. The Unknown: “Too High” by Kevin Vandivier
  10. Discovery: “Discovering Limits” by David Saylor

Check out the other celebrity director's picks here and stay tuned for the Project Imaginat10n film festival's debut.