From Pretty Punk to Classic Prep – 1 Pair, 2 Looks


Mossimo Denim Leggings + PrepBlazer // Top // Moccasins | Punk: Jacket // Crop Top // Boots

Style inspiration and fashion moods can change quickly and without warning. One day, you'll want to dress as if you were taking off for Martha's Vineyard, prepped out in popped collars and pastels, and the next you'll be embodying Kelly Obsourne with a punk mentality. Even though your budget may not allow for these swings in style, that doesn't mean you can't abide by your desires. Learn to stick with a staple (in this case a stellar pair of skinny denim leggings) and work around your current mood with certain touches. The shoes in this case are key indicators in your fashion ambitions for the day.