From The Vanity of Glam

We give you permission to be vain when it comes to revamping your vanity table. Here's our dream one. Hope you're inspired!

We channeled the subtle chic glamour of France and chose a grandiose style Parisian chair to pair with our vanity. Check out 5 other ways to use these romantic seats around your home here.

The wall behind our desk will serve as an accent wall, decorated with the help of a beautiful print via a wallpaper paint roller. We'll settle with any of these designs.

Not everyone has the luxury of having both a desk and a vanity in their bedroom, thus ours will double as both. In the drawers we dream of keeping a whimsical, old fashioned letter opener, like this gorgeous brass peacock one by Jonathan Adler. Our stationary will be glitter note cards we made ourselves with the help of Stripes and Sequins' tutorial.

It's a scientific fact; these lab beaker flower vases are the perfect rustic touch for our dream vanity. Find out where to get them at Homedit.

In line with the theme of glamor, our rings, studs and necklaces will be displayed in tea cups and other pieces of fine china. For some other DIY ideas to show off your jewelry, read on. After donning our jewels, we'll have to check our makeup. In the corner of our space, you'll find our Estee Lauder Zodiac compact in glistening gold. It's a classic feminine must have.