From Your Desk to Dinner: 5 Transitional Tips for Work-to-Soiree Style


Don’t let work get in the way of haute holiday style this season. Plan ahead for a flawless, fashionable transition from your office ensemble to a dance-floor-ready look. Often, you'll need to get ready in the car after work, so make sure you have a desk-to-dinner box full of necessities stored somewhere in your vehicle. Include face wipes and Q-tips to fix your makeup, hair products, deodorant, and perfume for a quick refresh. Bring along a canvas tote to hold your work wear after your change. Follow these fashion tips to make a smooth shift from business to bash.

Tip No. 1: Keep a clutch in your work tote. A laptop bag is a dead giveaway that you just came to the party from work. Pack a soiree-styled handbag when you know you’ll be heading straight to a celebration later that day. Before getting out of the car, swap out the evening's essentials from your designated office purse and put them into your party bag.

Tip No. 2: Fling off the flats and slip on stilettos for an instant ensemble makeover. Whether the particular get-together is more of a skinnies-and-sweater occasion or calls for a more dressed-up look, hot heels add instant festive flair. Pull out your go-to pumps from the trunk of your car and switch up your office kicks for more elegant shoe wear on the way to your soiree.

Tip No 3: Wear tights. For work, don a chic black opaque pair under a casual sheath or skirt. After hours, do a quick-change on top and swap your office wear for an embellished cocktail dress. The stockings can stay, just make sure you add pumps if you went to work in flats or boots.

Tip No. 4: Opt for dark denim. If you know you’ll be wearing the same pants from the office to the party, make sure they’re a dark shade of black or blue. This hue offers a more dressed-up feel, one that's appropriate for an evening event in the winter.

Tip No. 5: Turn it up a notch with a necklace. The right accessory can take an outfit from drab to fab. An embellished, glistening, statement-making necklace adds instant glamour to your office look, making it holiday-party appropriate. Keep one that goes with everything in your glove compartment for last-minute occasions.

Remember: planning your desk to dinner outfit the night before your event will make those “holidaze” mornings a little less stressful.