Function Meets Fashion: The Ultimate Bathroom Fixture

Let's be frank here… Everybody poops. And tinkles. And showers and bathes. We stare at ourselves in our bathroom mirrors – inspecting our pores, applying makeup, and layering on lotions, potions and creams. Suffice it to say that we spend lots of time in our powder rooms. So why not make your personal, private sanctuary elegant and efficient with a high-tech toilet that is by far the most luxurious of all the porcelain Gods?

INAX, Japan's leading manufacturer of tile and sanitary fixtures, has developed the incredible REGIO “integrated” toilet. Introduced for the first time in the US, it marks a new paradigm in eco-inspired luxury. Designed for those who prefer the best and insist on experiencing the highest level of comfort and style, REGIO combines leading water conservation technology with a spa-like toilet experience, all in a streamlined aesthetic design.

To set the mood, soft LED lights illuminate the bowl interior and foot area of the fixture. the day's stress melts away as relaxing music plays as the lid automatically opens to uncover a heated seat. The spa experience continues as double-power deodorizing begins when the seat is occupied.

The industry's first automatic “silent stream flushing system” delivers a powerful yet quiet air-driven flush that is no louder than a gentle murmuring brook. An air purifier then activates, emitting ions that cleanse the air in the room. Walk away, and REGIO self-cleanses and retursn to it's resting position. When it's not in use, REGIO saves energy by automatically powering down.

REGIO is available in elegant Brilliant White ($5900) and sophisticated Noble (Matte) Black ($7350).