Garnier Gives Back to the Gardens


Garnier’s working on its green thumb for Earth Month by partnering, once again, with TerraCycle.

After re-building a community garden in Harlem last year post-Sandy, the beauty brand is looking to strengthen the initiative by helping out another location. Best of all, beauty buffs and the eco-conscious can help Garnier choose which of the five finalist community gardens to help out next!

The choices include Washington D.C.’s The Green Scheme; Chicago’s Garfield Park; New Orleans’ The ReFresh Project; Los Angeles’s Social Justice Learning Institute; and Detroit’s Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, and voting will be open to the public through June 15, 2014. Plus, you can even score a dollar off of your next Garnier goody.

In regards to the gardens themselves, they’ll be equipped with new, raised garden beds, picnic tables, and benches, all made from beauty packaging collected through Garnier’s Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, a fundraising effort that pays for every piece of waste collected and returned to TerraCycle. “For TerraCycle, collecting beauty waste is only the first part of the story,” Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO, said in a statement. “Garnier’s decisions to reuse it in a way that not only beautifies a neighborhood, but that can improve the quality of life for the people there, should be a model for other companies that want to give back.”

Turning over the trash to spread a little green to those in need? We’re here for it!