Generation Know™: Inside the Movement


Young girls soak up a lot of bogus information about their vaginas and periods, thanks to television and their friends. According to a U by Kotex® poll, more than half of them say that most females their age are misinformed about vaginal health. It’s more important than ever to debunk silly—and potentially harmful—feminine wellness myths. Starting now.

The inspiring mission of U by Kotex® Brand's new Generation Know™ program is to drive real social change about a significant part of being a girl. By encouraging thousands of girls globally to speak out and up about menstrual misinformation, the truth will triumph. All it takes is action.

So how can you take part?Simple. By lending your voice to one of these four projects.

Break the Silence

We’re bred to believe that talking out about our vaginas and feminine health is taboo. In order to squash the stigma, we have to get talking. U by Kotex® is challenging us all to start asking and answering tough questions that have long been brushed under the rug. So stop blushing and start discussing. Seriously, nothing is off limits.

Bust a Myth
Remember hearing that tampons can get lost inside you? Or that virgins can’t use tampons? It’s okay—we believed it too. Whether propagated by grandmas, friends, or the media, mistruths and misconceptions spread like wildfire unless put out. So show you’re in the know! Crush a fallacy with facts, and put an end to ignorance.

Change the Message
Contrary to what TV tells you (and what you now know), most women don’t feel like skipping through a field in a white dress while on their period. Like, at all. Manipulative media messages and incorrect Internet info are sending unsavory messages. Stand up against societal norms by writing a note to a “little sister” and sharing a tip or positive message. You have the power to inspire and inform your daughters and friends.

Spread the Word
You’re older and wiser, but you too had an aha moment that altered your perspective on vaginas and feminine health. Be an agent of change by voicing what you’d wish you’d know back then … now. And if there are a few things that still have you scratching your head, don’t sweat it! Download the Girls for a Change Action Kit to brush up on specifics.

Rememberthe revolution starts with you, so ask your friends to join in, break the silence, shift the conversation, and help the next generation of young ladies. And it doesn’t stop there. Take any of the actions above at, and U by Kotex® donates up to $500k to Girls for Change. Now that’s progress.