George Kotsiopoulos Wants to Style Your Summer



George Kotsiopoulos knows what looks good. Week in and week out, the co-host of E!’s Fashion Police dishes on our favorite celebrities' fashion choices. So it isn’t a surprise that Gap Factory tapped T: The New York Times Magazine’s former market editor to style Gap Factory’s first ad campaign featuring Chanel Iman and Matt Kemp. Glam caught up with Kotsiopoulos while he presented the summer and fall offerings for the retailer to chat about summer must-haves, Joan Riversand who he is dying to make over.

Whatare five things we need to add to our wardrobe this summer?

White jeans are a must for summer—period. A denim motorcycle jacket is a great alternative to a traditional jean jacket. Striped maxi dresses are perfect for travel and transition easily from pool to lunch to shopping. Gap Factory, is of course, known for denim and a faded, lived-in chambray button up works with everything. Hawaiian print floral short shorts are a fun alternative.

Perfect! What are your beach bag essentials?

Sunblock, sun hat and sunglasses. It’s all about preserving the skin and getting some vitamin D in a healthy way.

What is your favorite beach read?

Relaxing requires the least amount of thinking so I want anything mindless from the tabloids to entertainment and fashion magazines.

What’s the craziest thing Joan Rivers has ever said on set? And you just lost it?

There are way too many I couldn’t possibly fill them onto one page. Honestly, I hear about 50 jokes a week from Joan and they are all hysterical. I could never choose just one!

Which celebrity would you love to give a Gap Factory makeover?

I’d like to see Lady Gaga do a complete 180, rid herself of all the gimmicks and just keep it simple and classic. Now that would be provocative.