Get a First Look at Marc Jacobs Beauty!


He’s worked on multiple brands and even revamped Diet Coke cans, but Marc Jacobs’ leap in to beauty might be his biggest venture yet. Partnering with Sephora Originals, Jacobs wanted to add his signature blend of whimsical elegance to beauty, which he believes go hand-in-hand with fashion. “Putting this together and working on this with the team from Sephora was very much like putting a [fashion] collection together with my design team,” Jacobs explained to Women’s Wear Daily. “It was exactly the same approach. I mean, I didn’t go to them with a specific idea and I couldn’t define for them what Marc Jacobs Beauty should be no more than I could define a collection the first day we meet about fabric or define what the shoe will be on the first meeting we have about shoes. It’s an evolutionary process.”

That process resulted in a 122-piece collection broken up into four categories: Smart Complexion, which contains the Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation formulated with a new buoyancy gel technology; Blacquer, Jacobs favorite, which pulls the blackest pigments possible in a precision pen eyeliner, lash lifter, and gel crayon; Hi-Per Color, his collection of shadows, lippies, blush, bronzer, and nail lacquer (which many editors got a peek of back in February); and Boy Tested, Girl Approved a unisex line with a Moisture Balm, Brow Tamer Grooming Gel, and Remedy Concealer Pen.

As his contract with Louis Vuitton comes closer to an end and his creative shift with his diffusion line, he’s been able to pour himself into this new realm with results that are sure to be on every beauty buff’s wish list. Color connoisseurs will be delighted with the wide range of hues as well as all of the witty names for the shades, including a blush called Shameless (inspired by his tattoo) and his shadow trios and seven-shadow kits called Style Eye-Con . Just don’t expect a nude palette from the eclectic designer. “It would be too natural,” he said. “[Color] is closer to the process of making a collection. Formulas are like fabrics, fibers, each fiber, whether silk or cashmere or whatever, they have natural properties. They have a certain look, they give you a certain feeling.”

While many at the Met Ball pumped up their punk beauty, Jacobs took the opportunity to test the line on friend and Bling Ring director Sofia Coppola. “I escorted Sofia Coppola to the Met Ball and Diane Kendal [who consulted on the line] did her makeup using all Marc Jacobs Beauty,” he said. He’s even using his own Brow Tamer!
The wait won’t be too long as Sephora plans on teasing the new line July 19 when shoppers will get to glimpse five products from the line. The full line will hit all freestanding Sephoras throughout the US and Canada with plans to reach all the way to China by 2015. Jacobs is also set to celebrate the launch before the start of Fashion Week with an appearance at the retailer’s SoHo location. But just like his fashion, he doesn’t expect his fans to color in the line with the cosmetics range. “They’re not buying the concept, hopefully, they’re buying what they like,” he said. “I believe in individuality, and what I think comes across as most stylish and modern is a kind of irreverence and a sort of self-confidence.”