Get Calorie-Free Chocolate Kisses For Valentine’s Day


It’s about that time of year when drugstores and supermarkets start to get packed with red-and-pink-packaged chocolate candies of every variety and hearts can be found everywhere you look. But for us, Valentine’s Day involves a little bit more than just eating all of these delicious treats. No – this season, we’re going to try to limit our chocolate intake by using it in a satisfying pucker-perfecting lip treatment. Next to a heart-shaped box of chocolates, soft lips (a la ScarJo) are this holiday’s hottest must-have.

To get a bit of both, all you'll need to do is combine a tablespoon of white sugar, a teaspoon of raw cacao powder, and a tablespoon of raw honey and let a thin layer of the mixture sit on your lips for ten minutes. Scrub away the sweet stuff, if you can actually stand not to eat it, to reveal perfectly soft lips. So forget about those kisses that they wrap in pink, red and silver foil especially for this holiday – make your own chocolate-y kisses with this lip treatment, and plant ‘em directly on your valentine!