Get Glam with GLOSSYBOX

While it’s one thing to check out websites and blogs that review the latest and greatest beauty products, it’s another to go out and buy them for yourself to try. Buying a certain expensive product that your favorite beauty blog said is fantastic can be quite a commitment because there’s always a chance you might not like it. Well, the beauty buffs at Glossybox have already come to the rescue of cosmetics commitment-phobes in 15 countries, and now they’re saving us in the U.S. Signing up for Glossybox means you’ll get a box filled with travel-sized beauty products delivered to your door each month for only $21. Fabulous products from luxury brands like AHAVAPhyto ParisZOYA and Burberry come perfectly packed in a pink box, ready for you to use and review for yourself. It’s the perfect preview for those of us who constantly switch products in and out of our stash. With such a fabulous deal, Glossybox gives that term “monthly gift” a new, more positive meaning.

Available at for $21 a month.