Get Into Kevyn Aucoin’s Bloodroses


HE INSPIRED MILLIONS WITH HIS MAKEUP ARTISTRY, showing the world new possibilities in beauty and transformation. He showed a whole world of makeup artists what their futures could be like if they let their talent shine brightly enough. Even today his makeup is backstage at many major fashion events, beautifying models as he would have wanted it to be done. Kevyn Aucoin left this world far too soon and he is still so very missed by the world of beauty. His legacy lives on in his cosmetics brand.

Kevyn Aucoin’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day, and he adored makeup that conveyed drama and romance. Of all of the lipsticks in his collection, Bloodroses was his favorite and it was one of the first he created – used frequently to amp up the drama all throughout his book, Making Faces. After Kevyn passed, the lipstick was discontinued. In November Kevyn Aucoin Beauty brought back Bloodroses lipstick with an updated tint, and in commemoration of the man behind the brand, they are launching the line’s first nail lacquer in Bloodroses. You can get this timeless, sexy burgundy lip and nail combo starting February 14, exclusively at Barneys.

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