Get Ready, Downton Abbey’s Getting New Characters!


We don't want to give anything away, especially if you have seen the finale (omg) but this we couldn't wait to share. Downton Abbey is set to introduce new characters! Just when we were beginning to think that Downton needed some fresh blood, news breaks that three new roles are going to be introduced in season four of the hit series for PBS.

Refinery29 got their hands on the casting notes which describe the characters. There is Jack Ross, a black musician who sings and works in a nightclub;we're thinking jazz is his genre of choice. Next we'll meet Lord Anthony Gillingham, a man who is steadfast in his morals and beliefs–perfect for poor Lady Mary. Lastly, there is Sir John Bullock, a cad.

Filming is due to start March 23. The next time we see the Crawley family, it will be the roaring '20s and we can't wait to see how that affects Downtown.