Get Ready to Love Your Closet Again, Thanks to Lanna Lottman


There are certain moments in our lives when all we want to do is empty our closets and start from scratch. Due to many factors, mostly including the fact that we don't have an unlimited budget, that's a situation that will just never turn into a reality. That's where Lanna Lottman comes in.

Upon realizing that many of her friends were stumped when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, the stylist and shoe designer had a moment of brilliance and started We Heart Our Closets. Instead of helping her friends to go shopping, she's helping them to shop in their own closets, building new outfits from clothes they already own.

Lottman's work is really a mix of fashion advice, organization, and personal therapy. To begin, she asks her clients to name their biggest issues with their closets and getting dressed, their style icons, and to describe their style. From there, she puts together an inspiration board, sets up an appointment, and comes to your home, ready to style.

During a session with the stylist turned business woman, she'll take stock of your wardrobe, building outfits and trying them on you one by one in order to build a portfolio of options. At the end of your session, she'll provide you with a set number of new outfits, a list of essentials to buy, a clean closet, and a whole new look on your very own wardrobe.

Prices range depending on the time frame you'd like to set. For details and pricing, please check out We Heart Our Closets!