Get Ready to Welcome Justin Timberlake Into Your Home!


While we were busy listening to his 20/20 Experience and re-watching clips from his appearances on SNL and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake released his newest collection for HomeMint. Yes, you too can have a piece of suave singer in your home!

Partnering with celebrity stylist Estee Stanley, Timberlake has crafted a collection of luxe that spans every room of the house with a simple and sophisticated style to each space, according to The Daily Meal. The curated collation has four types of people with wiggle room for blending categories: the classicist, armed with timeless style and sophistication; the modernist, a clean aesthetic that oozes creativity; the artist, who has a natural ability to mix colors and textures; and the wanderer, the adventurer with a knack for treasure-hunting.

Stanley was originally a stylist for NSYNC during its heyday and began decorating the homes of her celebrity clients. At Timberlake’s suggestion, during the decoration of his home, the two partnered up to showcase smaller-name artists and artisans.

“A home should be an expression of your style – of who you are, and that’s not different from fashion,” Timberlake said in a video clip introducing the collection. “It’s interesting because I have an eye that leads towards architecture, and she immediately has an eye towards designing everything [else].”

This calls for a full home makeover!