Get Royal with Downton Abbey’s Cosmetic Line


This is happening: Downton Abbey the cosmetics line.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We did tell you of a possible Downton Abbeyclothing and possible home line but the packaging on this cosmetics line makes it too good to be true. Even better, the line—bar soap, lip balm, lip-gloss, and a fragrance candle for home—is complete with packaging true to Downton decorum.

The lip balm features the saying; ”No one wants to kiss a girl in black,” a lady Grantham quote from Season 1 of the PSB hit. The signature soaps bare the Tom Branson Season 2 quote, “I’d expect no less.” Our favorite quote is courtesy of Lady Mary Crowley on the lip gloss: “Now stop talking & kiss me, before I get cross.”

Downton Abbey’s cosmetic line will be sold exclusively at Marks & Spencer in the UK (now that’s a reason to get cross) in October, just in time for the fourth season. Hopefully the U.S. is next to experience this luxurious line.