Get Smooth Stems Razor-Free with Remington

Summer is officially here, and we’re already sporting short skirts to celebrate. While our gams are on display, we don’t want to spend a good chunk of the season shaving or waxing, but other options can be way out of our price range. Thanks to the new Remington iLight Pro, we can skip the big doctor’s bill in our quest for silky skin. Utilizing Pro Pulse technology with the fastest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) flash rate available, it targets the melanin in hair follicles so it can leave your skin smooth for up to six months after treatment! All you have to do is shave the desired area, test the area with the skin tone sensor to ensure it’s not too dark for treatment, and flash-treat the area for a smooth look that lasts. Skip the summer shave and snag it while you can!

Available at for $249.99.