Get Supple Skin By Spring


It might not feel like it now, but spring is right around the corner. That means it’s time to get your skin ready to show off when the temperature finally rises. Say goodbye to scaly, dehydrated skin in just a few simple steps.

Skip the Hot Shower
While you might be tempted to knock the chill from your bones by turning up the heat, it could be doing damage to your skin. Hot temperatures in winter can leech moisture from skin, causing it to become drier. Long showers can produce the same result—so remember to keep it short and sweet.

Give the Rub to Rough Patches
Some parts of the body can end up with a rougher texture than others, but a good body scrub can work wonders! Choose a moisturizing scrub that will slough away dead skin and quench thirsty skin. Just be sure to limit your exfoliating routine to only two to three times a week to reduce the risk of moisture loss.

Slather on the Lotion
Though applying lotion any time of day can soften your skin, the best time is when you’re right out of the shower. That way, you’re able to seal in moisture before you’re completely dried off—and dried out. Dial's 7 Day Moisturizing Lotions can help seal in the hydration before it escapes. Its BioNutrient Complex will leave your skin with lasting softness for up to 24 hours minus that greasy feeling. For a richer experience, you can heat up your lotion in a microwave for five to 10 seconds, using a microwave-safe bowl.