Get the Look: Geometric Glamour


Forget the classic black cat-eye—the eyeliner at the spring 2013 Fendi, Donna Karan, and Kenzo shows had a futuristic edge. Donna Karan showcased one of the most colorful and daring eyeliner looks we’d seen all season: The models paraded the catwalk with angular pink eyeliner coating their lids and undereyes, topped off with coats of pink mascara. Fendi went even sharper with three different shades of liner underneath the eye (the lids were left blank) to create an ultramodern 3-D feel. Brightly hued liner was also spotted at the Kenzo show; models showcased liner that met with a sharp point at the inner corner of the eye. Want to try this look at home? Create your angular, geometric look with a glossy liquid liner like Maybelline Master 2-1 Liquid Liner.