Get The Look: Kat Dennings’ Smooth and Straight Locks on ‘2 Broke Girls’


We’ve always admired Max Black’s (Kat Dennings) hilarious straight-to-the-point zingers on 2 Broke Girls, and we also love how she’s switched up her signature curls for some straight and sleek locks this season. Celebrity hairstylist Pixie Schwartz is the head stylist on the set of the CBS comedy, and she’s let us in on some tips and tricks for achieving Kat Dennings' smooth as silk hair.

1. To style it straight, use White Sands The Cure 24/7, making sure to work evenly through damp hair. This leave in treatment effortlessly mends split ends, repairs damaged hair fibers, restores internal moisture, while making tresses stronger, smoother, and shinier.

Tip: The Cure 24/7 is able to mend the cuticle through a new scientific process called “Cellular Bridging”. This innovative process stimulates hair cell renewal with Micro-gels so tiny they instantly fill cuticle cracks, leaving each strand smooth and repaired up to 7 days!

2. Blow dry, section by section until dry using a flat brush for a sleek look and then a round brush for more movement and bend at the ends to accentuate the long layers.

3. Finish with a flat iron & work through White Sands Orchids Oil for added brilliance and to tame flyaways.