Get the Look: Retro Americana


The cultural heritage of the United States has found a special place on the runways this season, with “Americana” emerging as the latest trend to be reckoned with. The retro look gathers from a slew of uniforms that are now buried in our country's roots: boots and hats with real rodeo inspiration, denim and patchwork pieces for a fashionable farmhand, lace and satin dresses fit for prairie lady, and so on.

The revival is one soaked in an appreciation for the historical touches that influence our present as well. We're talking about those gingham shirts and cowboy boot wearing country kids in the '40s, sleek '50s greasers and their feminine housewives, fringe wearing hippies in the '60s, and bell bottom rocking '70s stylistas–can you handle all the throwback love? If so, here are five ideas of how to wear the Americana look for modern times.

1. The literal approach
Stars and stripes are as patriotic as you can get, and thus aligned with the Americana aesthetic. Don't over-do it, though. Take note of how this edgy model served up her faded printed jeans with a simple cropped vest and sandals, as to almost be nonchalant about the fact that she has her country's flag on her pants.

2. '50s forever
The traditional housewife dress from the '40s and '50s featured a silhouette that's still stylish today, with a collared, button down top, a fitted waist, and then a calf grazing skirt. To give it a retro twist, pair yours with a head scarf and some Wayfarer sunglasses.

3. Leather and boots
Nothing says America quite like a pair of cowboy boots. Find a pair that's rodeo inspired, but still chic and modern.

4. Denim plus crocheted lace
The stunning combination of denim on lace gives femininity a gritty, Americana edge.

5. Prairie chic
Lace, ruffled and silken maxi dresses resemble those worn by the pioneer women on America's frontier. There's also something incredibly romantic about them, especially accessorized with natural stone jewelry and undone hair.